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Tommy S. L.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Hello and thank you for stopping here.

Below you can find some stuff about me.

To the left you'll see my newest deviations. I've heard if you click on one they are completely harmless. Who woulda thought?

Self-Taught artist and hobbyist.

Pretty much just love art. I was intrigued by an old Nintendo Power Magazine that showed some early artwork of Mario and , I think specifically it was the Lost World? Either way that's not the important thing. Either way I fell in love with art after seeing the images that at first I used to copy over them, learn the pattern then attempt it referencing. Then the older I got I would look, then do from memory. So yeah, guess that's how I got into art. Just love it as a form of expression. Art is subjective so what I love, and you love could be completely different what matters is we still respect each other despite varying differences.

Though I guess a lil about me. First off I am reserved. My silence isn't meant as a holier then thou approach more like I'm just a man of few words, well ..I guess lately I've been more then a few words but still, I'm not very vocal nor open. More of an ask and you'll get an answer type. Though I love puns..and well as runs ( puns that rhyme)

I also purely enjoy games, specifically fighting just get used to that tidbit XD.

:icondriftingfeather: <--- Shes my absolute everything. My Best Friend, Confident, Soul Mate, Love of me Life, 2P, Shes the Spoon to my Fork, The Left to my Right, Soft to my Hard. The H 2 my O. She's also a very talented and great artist. Its thanks to her I keep art alive!

I guess I can add I also like music, though my music tastes is kinda diverse. I really love Eurodance..well 90's Eurodance and Hi-NRG, despite being musically inept >.>. Something about the rhythm and the emotion put into the vocals of the songs I really enjoy.


IF anyone has something to request Id be more then honored to take it on. It'll help me improve! Just send a note or something with details XD.

I also really dont know much else to really say in my bio..if you wanna know something just ask!
So as the title suggests I'm doing FREE Requests right now. Been in the mood to wanna draw but nothing really hasn't been coming to me as of yet despite certain ideas. So Imma turn to you guys, women and everything between.
Imma open ten slots. But I do have some guidelines to your request.

    Guide Lines
If you request something please link me something showing they description. It'll help you help me help you XD. If you don't have a way to show how they look Note me, and explain them in as much detail as you can to me. The more you tell me , the more I can do with them to fit your ideas. 

They will be of sketches, meaning I more then likely will not add color to them. Unless you specifically ask to see me color it then I will. Otherwise Lines. 

Open to most requests However I do have some things I won't do. I wont do anything that is slanderous, meaning its making fun of anything, Ill do parodies, but nothing mean-spirited or hateful. Racially Insensitive. Now I do like stereotypes but I don't like stereotypes for the sake of being a stereotype ex..Drunk Irishman, Ditzy Blonde, SoulessRedhead, White Surfer Dude. Damsel in distress..stuff like that. So if its distasteful I might pass on it. If theres any questions about it run it by me. I'd be more then glad to let you know where it stands to me.

                                                                           Don't do 

I'm sorry..I just cant!
                                                         Mecha. As cool as they look, way to time consuming.
                                                         Nudity For the Sake of Nudity. Will do tasteful nudity though
                                                         FMG/MMG. Just..rather scratch my eyes out >.>
                                                         Yaoi/Yuri. I will draw couples of the same sex though! Just not doing it XD
                                                         Furries. However If they are more human than animal, Its Okay.

       Serious though, If in Doubt with my guidelines just ask. There might just be exceptions!

After the next two request I will be closing down requests. If you happen to have put in one and I missed you, I am so sorry! And do appreciate you reaching out. If theres not to many I will still do them, Just they will be after the fact. So thank you everyone. Especially those whom I might have to cut off!



1.:icondriftingfeather:'s Passacaglia *Finished *

2.:icondeepestcheese:'s George Watsky *Finished*

3.:iconstop-wasting-time:' OC#10 *Finished*

4.:iconiarietta:'s Danielle group *Finished*

5.:iconreminel:'s Shiro *Finished*

6.:iconruurd:'s Symphonica & Miranda (colored) *Coloring*

7.:icongrasssatrand:'s Maya the Plushie Charmer (Colored) *Starting*

8.:iconsilaonna: 's Vina (colored) *Next*

9.:icondolli-bug: 's Katherine *In Queue*

10.:iconjutawi:'s Adrienne Gift 
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Chirping crickets
  • Reading: Reading:
  • Watching: Waiting for JoJo >.>
  • Playing: nothing right now
  • Eating: Nothing right now
  • Drinking: Water

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